Bachelard again had reassured Freinet: “The emotional character of intellectual culture (is) an element of strength and confidence …

Taken by action and cultural research in the time that left him two consecutive wars and serious sequelae of injuries and diseases brought from the battlefields and concentration camps, Freinet never sought allies in high academic spheres. Born in the people is at the people he intended to stay: he had the feeling that all cultural reasons are in the people and that is enough to awaken those reasons to give them a boost, provided never cheat them.

Hence the content that marks the work of Freinet and fills human persuasion and simplicity in the eyes of those who remained “the people”, but that makes unsuspecting those who are not, the emotional content of a culture is it reprehensible meet the demands of the mind? Bachelard again had reassured Freinet: “The emotional character of intellectual culture (is) an element of strength and confidence …

Giving and especially keep a vital interest in looking disinterested, so it not the first duty educator at any stage of training it? “If Speaking of Freinet, I often placed under the authority conciliatory and so diverse Bachelard is that it was the last companion of Freinet, during these last days of September, when already the time was running it. Freinet there found his property.

In the preface to his sensitive psychology test, he had already written; “I firmly banished from my traditional philosophical abstractions demonstrations to resort constantly sensitive and synthetic developments in pictures, in which subject and object are not metaphysical entities disjointed but rather a constructive elements business unit to direct and guide, and in doing – there’s my concern majeur- I claim to have written an educational psychology book that parents, as teachers and teachers-students can read and understand, discuss and, I hope criticize, taking into consideration not words but sensitive and familiar facts. “Comrades, let me remind you, finally, a passage of the latest tips you gave Freinet in The Educator September 15, 1966:” Should we teach the spirit of the Modern School, or risk-t -it born, more or less long term, our technical? “Contrary to what one might believe, the mind can not be taught. It can result from an explanation so eloquent it might be.

It is too abstract design, by nature, so we can explain convincingly by mere words. He was born new situations that we create and the answers we give to the problems facing us. “So you faded before the Master who, you put the best tools in hand, you open wide the doors of life and the future. ELISE FREINET (1) Bachelard: Training of the scientific spirit Author: Elise Freinet Print

1 to 10 from 24 Results France and Gypsies In: Geo> History April 2006 Gypsies, Gypsies, Gypsies, Travelers, Roma … Who are they? How do they live? We know the bad.

Do we know that they were well received when they arrived in France in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, they were gradually released, victims of ideas and racist stereotypes, they were even detained and severely persecuted during the two world wars? Authors: Site Doc2D ICEM and Emmanuel Filhol Read more 1 attachment Roman numerals In: Geo> History Math> Calculation, operations Languages> Ancient Languages ??January 2002 Science and technology Gallo-Roman Early on, we had need to count.

The system set up by the Romans was complex and irrational. But the Roman civilization that dominated Western Europe, the Roman numerals have survived into our present life! Authors: Site BT ICEM Christiane Petitiot and Liliane Pernot More Rome, the eternal city: Middle Ages to today In: Geo July 1967 Rome was already one of the most influential capitals of Antiquity. This BT traces its evolution from the Middle Ages to today.

BT 649 Rome, the eternal city document.pdf II Authors: A. Pere and Construction BT ICEM Read more 1 attachment The salt marshes in Brittany: Economy History Geo December 2012 Salt has always been an important element for the preparation and preservation of food. For a long time, men and women have harvested sea salt. In southern Brittany, the sea salt is still harvested by, marsh (1) and salt extractors in the salt marshes.

Here is their country, their work here. The salt marshes Breton doc.pdf Authors: Site BT ICEM Georges and Nicole Drano Drano Read more 1 attachment Slate In: Economics History Geo March 2013 Slate used in some areas, to cover the roofs since the sixth century. Where do we find in France? How is extracted?

What are its other uses? Slate (BT 80) doc pdf to download. Authors: Site BT ICEM Meviel E. and R. Le Fur Read more 1 attachment Protestantism In: Geo> History Philosophy Sociology May 2001 The differences between the Protestant and the Catholic religion may appear minimal.

However, their separation is the result of a long history, tumultuous and violent, especially in France (Protestants are still a small minority, as they are widely represented throughout Northern Europe Authors:. Site BT ICEM and Daniel Krahenbulh more Galilee can i pay someone to do my homework
1 attached file: life in: Geo Science and Techno January 1998 Galileo was a tireless researcher, a renowned professor, protected by princes, but at 70, almost blind, he forced kneeling, abjure the thesis he knew true before the inquisitors cardinals Authors:.

Chantal Pauck, Construction BT2 ICEM Helene Schertz and Yvette Afchain more Galilee in: Geo Science and Techno He lived . at the Renaissance it was a true scientist, mathematician, physicist, astronomer funny Rigorous and condemned by the Church, he had to admit his “errors”.. these are our current truths Author: Chantie r Doc2D ICEM A day at Argentomagus In: French History Geo April 2012 to report on their visit, students put themselves in the skin of Quintus Serius Macrinus and followed his steps throughout a day in Argentomagus city. Author: Philippe latinists students Commynes College in Tours Read more alchemists and alchemy In: Geo> History Science and Techno> Physical Sciences, Chemistry Between May 2002 hidden truth and legend, what that an alchemist?

A pre-scientist, a mystical quest for perfection, a crook? Authors: Site BT ICEM and Georges Jaegly Read more 1 2 3 next> last »
2 Results for CR 2018-11-28 meeting: Music Pedagogy Freinet By Cecile Renaud Goud on 01/21/19 – 7:02 p.m. In Region Central East> GD 38 – Isere account Reunion Arts Arts> Music and Meeting 28/11/18 at school Charavines How to make music in Freinet pedagogy in our classrooms?

The teacher he needs special skills to foster children groping in the field of sound and music? What class equipment? What space management, noise, time? What music plays? With what objectives?

What creations of the students? How to link with cultural references? Add a comment Read more 1 attachment A workshop earth? By Gaetane Bouchet on 30/11/11 – 7:37 p.m. In:.. Central East Region> GD 38 – Isere Gr Gr Start FP Arts and Creations> testimonies report Federation technical courses Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Techniques> classroom organization> workshop teaching principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> natural method pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error creations “Testimonials released” La Cote Saint-Andre (Isere) – 2011 Internship Federation Add comment Read more 4 attachments

1 to 10 from 18 Results What is biodiversity? In: Science and Techno May 2013 As part of the 4th project Guerande college on sustainable development conducted in 2007-2008, Yoan, Valentin and Kevin worked on biodiversity. Author: College Guerande More Galilee life In: Geo Science and Techno January 1998 Galileo was a tireless researcher, a renowned professor, protected by princes; but at 70, almost blind, he was forced to his knees, abjure the thesis he knew true before the inquisitors Cardinals.

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