Have a closer look at some of your favorite items.

Chicken Sate Madura

Chicken/beef/lamb lavished in fragrant peanut sauce / sweet soy.

Go Bap Choui

Crawfish, napa, red onion, mint, rau ram, nuoc cham.

Smashed Chicken

Spiced, roasted and smashed. Chili sambal rubbed.

Chicken 65

South India famous fried chicken. Dry, moist relish, assorted spice & vegetable garnish.

Tandoori Tikka Masala

India and Britain's famous sauced bbq chicken curry.

Chicken 'Opor'

Java style. Mild, fragrant coconut milk curry with rice dumpling.

Chicken Black Pepper Curry

A lot more going on than just black pepper.

Chicken Curry

Super fragrant. No chili. Spicy white curry.


‘Devil’ curry dank tangy moist relish dry curried chicken.

Chicken Mustard Curry

Fragrant. Pungent. Delish.

Duck 'Rendang'

Sumatra style confit. Spice relish. Cooked long and slow.

Duck 'Menanyet'

Bali style confit. Full Balinese spice rub cooked slow and long.

Eggplant Vietnam

Fancy nuec cham fish sauce dressing, crushed peanuts.

Laphet Thoke Fermented Green Tea Salad

fermented green tea salad; heirloom tomato & crunchy nuts

Green Papaya Salad

Prepared Burmese, Thai, Vietnamese or Malay style.

Nam Tok Poo Nim

Crispy soft shell crab salad with limey laarb/ nom tok dressing.

Bun Bo Noung

Rice vermicelli salad and herbs, pickled vegetables, and grilled protein.

Crispy Duck Rujak Salad

Boneless crispy duck tossed into tangy rujak fruit salad.


Pungent, dank sweet and sour fruit salad with Tamarin dressing.

Lawar Jagung

Banana Flower and shredded vegetable lawar bali.


Curry pickled vegetable medley with sesame seed & peanut finish.

Terang Balado

Crispy eggplant in med spicy chili lime leaf sambal.

Urap Java

Blanched vegetable medley with sandginger and limeleaf coconut dressing.

Urap Bali

Petit cut vegetable medley with full Bali spiced coconut dressing.

Lawar Nangka

Minced vegetable urap with chunky shredded jackfruit massaged in.


Micro blackbean stew with tender jackfruit.

Sayur Loden

Java light vegetable curry; chayote ,longbean, tofu, tempe, petai beans.

Oseng Oseng

Java stir fry of long bean, tempeh, bell peppers, and petai beans.

Mango Curry

Saffron,lemongrass, pandan, curry leaf, light coconut milk.

Wombatu Moju

Srilankan spicy eggplant tapenade.

Jukut Bejek

Bali long beans tossed in a turmeric, sand ginger, candlenut shallot relish.


Srilankan jackfruit preparation big spice slow and low reduced sauce relish.

Nangka Rendang

Jackfruit curry ‘Rendang’ with sumatra style 20 spiced relish.

Sate Bakso

Beef or chicken skewered meatballs nutmeg seasoned in delicate sauce.

Tempe Mendoan

Fresh tempe sand ginger seasoned and tempura-ed.

Stuffed Java Squash Blossoms

Mushroom medley. Java spices.

Rendang Roti Roll

Beef rendang in flaky parata with achar pickles.

Popcorn Shrimp and Chicken

Super crispy and gluten free. Seasoned lightly with mild tangy sambal.

Shrimp Shisho Leaves

Minced with lemongrass. Lightly grilled in rau ram leaf.

Vietnamese Meatloaf

Chicken, shrimp, or crab. Nuac cham dressing. crispy shallots.

Sate Ayam Bakso

Beef or chicken skewered meatballs. Nutmeg seasoned delicate sauce.

Otak Otak

Minced fish cigars highly seasoned grilled in banana leaf.

Tum Ikan

Bali style mini fish, shrimp or lobster wrapped in banana leaf parcels.

Terang Balado

Crispy eggplant in med spicy chili lime leaf sambal.


Crispy, spicy, tangy chicken wings with limey laab dressing finish.


Devilishly spicy, tangy, highly seasoned.


Prepared in manner of any style in poultry section.