Delicious picks from Southeast Asia.

Take a peak of our extensive collection of authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, unqiue to their respect regions.

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    Crispy fresh tofu & fish mousse wedded, peanut sauce drizzled.
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    Bo La Lot

    Minced beef highly seasoned grilled in wild pepper leaves.
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    Sate Madura

    Chicken/beef/lamb lavished in fragrant peanut sauce / sweet soy.
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    Sate Bakso

    Beef or chicken skewered meatballs nutmeg seasoned in delicate sauce.
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    Tempe Mendoan

    Fresh tempe sand ginger seasoned and tempura-ed.
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    Stuffed Java Squash Blossoms

    Mushroom medley. Java spices.
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    Rendang Roti Roll

    Beef rendang in flaky parata with achar pickles.
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    Popcorn Shrimp and Chicken

    Super crispy and gluten free. Seasoned lightly with mild tangy sambal.
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    Shrimp Shisho Leaves

    Minced with lemongrass. Lightly grilled in rau ram leaf.
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    Vietnamese Meatloaf

    Chicken, shrimp, or crab. Nuac cham dressing. crispy shallots.
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    Sate Ayam Bakso

    Beef or chicken skewered meatballs. Nutmeg seasoned delicate sauce.
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    ‘Otak Otak’

    Minced fish cigars highly seasoned grilled in banana leaf.
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    Tum Ikan

    bali style mini fish, shrimp or lobster wrapped in banana leaf parcels.
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    Larb / Nam Tok Chicken Wings

    Crispy, spicy, tangy chicken wings with limey laab dressing finish.
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    Badun ‘Devil’ Chicken Wings

    Devilishly spicy, tangy, highly seasoned.
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    Wings Any Style

    Prepared in manner of any style in poultry section.
  • Ayam Penyet Fingers

    Spiced rice flour. Crusted smashed chicken fingers. Spicy Sambal
  • Sate Ayam Madura

    Chicken, beef, or lamb. Fragrant peanut sauce and sweet soy.
  • Sate Lilit Bali

    Minced fish on lemongrass, shredded coconut, fragrantly seasoned.
  • Nam Jim Ngapi Chicken Wings

    Fiendishly spicy and stinky with pungent relish.
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    Laphet Thoke Fermented Green Tea Salad

    fermented green tea salad; heirloom tomato & crunchy nuts
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    Thai eggplant, jicama, longbean with sand ginger peanut dressing
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    Green Papaya Salad

    Prepared Burmese, Thai, Vietnamese or Malay style.
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    Nam Tok Poo Nim

    Crispy soft shell crab salad with limey laarb/ nom tok dressing.
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    Go Bap Chui Banana Flower Salad

    Crawfish, napa, red onion, mint, rau ram, nuoc cham.
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    Bun Bo Noung – Saigon Noodle Salad

    Rice vermicelli salad and herbs, pickled vegetables, and grilled protein.
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    Lawar Salad

    Petit vegetable medley with full Bali spiced coconut dressing and shredded chicken.
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    Crispy Duck Rujak Salad

    Boneless crispy duck tossed into tangy rujak fruit salad.
  • Minced Kale Malung

    Shredded toasted coconut & chili lime dressing
  • Fermented Green Tea

    Cabbage, tomato, red onion, sesame, nuts, lentils
  • Custom Salad

    noodles-rice-potato w/shred veg, tamarin fishsauce lime dressing
  • Banana Flower and Jackfruit Salad Ball

  • Ginger Salad

    napa cabbage, red onion, shredded ginger, shallot oil lime dressing
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    Lawar Jagung

    Banana Flower and shredded begetable lawar bali.
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    Curry pickled vegetable medley with sesame seed & peanut finish.
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    Pungent, dank sweet and sour fruit salad with Tamarin dressing.
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    Terang Balado

    Crispy eggplant in med spicy chili lime leaf sambal.
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    Urap Java

    Blanched vegetable medley with sandginger and limeleaf coconut dressing.
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    Urap Bali

    Petit cut vegetable medley with full Bali spiced coconut dressing.
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    Lawar Nangka

    Minced vegetable urap with chunky shredded jackfruit massaged in
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    Jukut Undis / Nangka Balinese

    Micro blackbean stew with tender jackfruit.
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    Sayur lodeh

    Java light vegetable curry; chayote ,longbean, tofu, tempe, petai beans.
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    Oseng Oseng

    Java stir fry of long bean, tempeh, bell peppers, and petai beans.
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    Mango Curry

    Saffron,lemongrass,pandan,curry leaf, light coconut milk.
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    Wombatu Moju

    Srilankan spicy eggplant tapenade.
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    Jukut Bejek

    Bali long beans tossed in a turmeric, sand ginger, candlenut shallot relish.
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    Srilankan jackfruit preparation big spice slow and low reduced sauce relish.
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    Nangka Aceh

    Young jackfruit curry leaves preparation of Aceh Sumatra.
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    Nangka Balli

    Jackfruit curry. Full Bali spicings.
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    Nangka Rendang

    Jackfruit curry ‘Rendang’ with sumatra style 20 spiced relish.
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    Eggplant Vietnam

    Fancy nuec cham fish sauce dressing, crushed peanuts.
  • Gadogado

    Vegetable medley drenched in peanut sauce…you gotta try it!
  • Gulai Daun Singkong

    Tapioca, yam leaf or collard greens with fragrant curry.
  • Water Spinach

    Stir fry garlic, chili, yellowbean paste with vegetable-fish sauce.
  • Kabucha Squash Dry Curry

    Egg scrambled in recommended.
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    Nangka Megano

    Chunky shredded jak in seasoned shredded coconut dressing.
  • Chop Chai’ Simple Chinese and Indonesian Stir-fry

    Baby bok choy, ear mushrooms, and carrots.
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    Duck ‘Betutu’

    Balinese banana leaf wrapped wedding duck ‘whole’ 20 spice rub. Stuffed with tapioca leaves. Feeds four to ten.
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    Gulai Itik Hijau

    Padang Sumatra style. Spicy; fragrant. Green chili curried duck.
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    Duck ‘Menyanyet’

    Bali style confit. Full Balinese spice rub cooked slow and long.
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    Duck ‘Rendang’

    Sumatra style confit. Spice relish. Cooked long and slow.
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    Chicken Mustard Curry

    Fragrant. Pungent. Delish
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    ‘Devil’ curry dank tangy moist relish dry curried chicken.
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    Chicken Curry

    Super fragrant. No chili. Spicy white curry.
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    Chicken Black Pepper Curry

    A lot more going on than just black pepper.
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    Chicken ‘Opor’

    Java style. Mild, fragrant coconut milk curry with rice dumpling.
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    Tandoori Tikka Masala

    India and Britain's famous sauced bbq chicken curry.
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    Chicken 65

    South India famous fried chicken. Dry, moist relish, assorted spice & vegetable garnish.
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    Lemon Grass Chicken

    Simmer fried. Cut bite size then caramelized.
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    Smashed Chicken

    Spiced, roasted and smashed. Chili sambal rubbed.
  • Chicken ‘Pepes’

    Java style, highly seasoned boneless banana leaf. Wrapped and grilled.
  • Grilled Chicken

    Padang style curry cooked in spices then grilled with curry relish.
  • Chicken ‘Rujak

    Java curry on the bone in a tomato, ginger, galanga gravy.
  • Chicken ‘Tengkap’

    Crisp fried ginger chicken pieces.
  • Chicken ‘Kalio’

    Sumatra curry on the bone in a golden nutty fragrant gravy.
  • Chicken “Tengkap”

    Crisp fried ginger chicken pieces.